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Dont Pause Development of AI

Dont Pause Development of AI

20th April 2023

We have been using AI since 2020 in our Loop Backup Cloud to Cloud service for Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

You may have read on the internet and in the news today, some scare stories about AI.

Here are some reasons why AI development beyond GPT-4 should not be paused :

1. Advancements in AI can lead to significant societal benefits, such as better healthcare, improved transportation systems, and more efficient resource allocation.

2. Pausing AI development could result in other countries or organizations gaining a technological advantage and could put your country behind in the global competition.

3. AI development can also drive economic growth and create new job opportunities.

4. The ethical considerations and potential negative outcomes of AI can be assessed and addressed through ethical standards and regulations, rather than completely halting development.

5. Scientific research and technological advancements cannot be limited, and the potential benefits of AI far outweigh any potential risks.

Bye for now from me, all this content, voice and actor are an AI created by Loop Backup.

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