Loop Backup – AI Cloud To Cloud Backup

Cloud to cloud backup for Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace and Kubernetes.

Managed using artificial intelligence with our recover guarantee.

Cloud Data
Requires A Backup

When a file is deleted in Microsoft (Office) 365 or in Google Workspace you have 14 or 30 days before the file is completely removed.

If you overwrite a file or folder then the change is immediately and you cannot retrieve any previous version.

So without a backup, once your data is deleted or changed by users, or by accident or by ransomware then it’s gone.

Loop Backup
Recover Guarantee

Loop Backup are the only backup provider to supply a Recover Guarantee.

If you are for any reason unable to restore previously backed up data using Loop Backup Cloud To Cloud Backup (not on premise) with an active account, then you get your money back.

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