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Cloud Backup for Devices

in UK, Europe, USA

Loop Backup Cloud Backup for Data Stored Locally on Devices running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux or Synology.

We have free 14 day trial and then option to subscribe with monthly payments and no contract.

Unlimited Versions

Backup Intelligence is automatically set to retain all versions of your files. This allows you to keep a history of files you have backed up.

It is also set not to remove files you have deleted from your machine from the backup.

Automatic Backup

Your backup will automatically run with the schedule you have set.

The frequency is completely up to you. It can be Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Incremental Block Level

Before data is backed up it is compressed using incremental backups with data de-duplication. This means it will only back up differences in files across all devices you have connected to your account.

If you replace a device on your account you will not need to upload the data again as Backup Intelligence already has a copy.

Test Restores

To make sure the data you have uploaded to Backup Intelligence can be restored you can perform a test restore. This does not download any of the data selected.

Ultimate Security

Your backup is stored using end-to-end encryption to one of our clouds you have selected. These locations being Amsterdam, Paris or Germany in Europe, London in UK or Ashburn in the USA, Tokyo in Japan. The full backup process is GDPR compliant.

We cannot even see the names of your files.

Help + Assisted Install

We are able to support you by screen-share and telephone between the hours of 9 am GMT – 5 pm GMT. We also have help and support section where you can contact us. We aim to get back to you in a few minutes.

Backup In Use Files

On Apple OS X you can back up any in-use file.

On Windows, the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) which is built into Windows is automatically used with Backup Intelligence to allow you to automatically backup which are in use at the time of the backup.

Faster Backup + Restores

Backup and restore your data at up to 60% faster than alternative backup solutions because Backup Intelligence is a native application which does not use Java.

Control Your Backup Speed

Bandwidth and processor controls can be set to limit the speed available to Backup Intelligence to prevent using all your internet connection bandwidth or CPU when a backup is running.

How Does It Work?

Backup Intelligence is fully automatic with the option to backup to UK, Europe, USA or Japan.

You Select

You select what you want to backup and when you want to backup.

We Backup

We take a backup of the data directly from your device several times each day.

You Recover

When the time comes and you need to recover your data, it’s there waiting for you with a few clicks of the mouse.