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Below are the most frequently asked questions about Loop Backup, to Backup Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace.

Why Do I Need A Backup ?

It would be catastrophic if you lost access to your emails, contacts, calendars, documents, presentations, images, spreadsheets stored in Office 365 / Workspace, drive, onedrive, teams or sharepoint.

If a file is deleted in Microsoft Office 365 or in Google Workspace you only have 14 or 30 days before the file is completely removed.

If you overwrite a file or folder then the change is immediately and you cannot retrieve any previous version.

So without a backup, once your data is deleted or changed by users, or by accident or by ransomware then it’s gone.

Is It Easy To Backup ?

Loop Backup can be up and running in minutes to protect your whole organisation, and without disrupting day-to-day operations. You can arrange for us to do a Zoom call with you to setup Protected Intelligence for you, it only takes about 1 minute to protect all your users within your complete organisation.

How can I backup Office 365 / Google Workspace

You can quickly and easily backup all your data in Office 365 or Google Workspace with Loop Backup, which is 100% cloud based with no software to download or install.

Loop Backup is fully automatic running a backup several times a day even when your computer is switched off.

To get started with Loop Backup it’s a case of signing up for a free 14 day trial, on our website at and we will arrange a screen share with you to get you setup which takes less than 3 minutes.

How does backing up help my business to become compliant ?

To meet the compliance needs of your business. You need to ensure the constant availability of data, it is also key to meeting the requirements of many compliance standards, including GDPR that your data is frequently backed up.

Is all my data protected if I back up Office 365 / Google Workspace ?

All data on Office 365 and Google Workspace is fully backed up when you use Loop Backup.

Is it easy for me to recover data ?

Loop Backup makes it straightforward to locate and restore the data you require.

Will backing up Office 365 / Google Workspace effect work rate ?

With Loop Backup our backups are run cloud to cloud taking the data directly from Microsoft and Google and don’t affect the users side, you don’t even need your computer to be switched on.

How often should I back up my data ?

It’s advisable to backup data regularly, but what this means in real time might depend on which compliance mandates you need to adhere to, the kind of data you hold, and what you use this data for.

Loop Backup will run a backup at least 3 times a day.