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Have you ever thought you would
never need a backup?

20th April 2023

Have you ever thought you would never need a backup? We show you why you were wrong.

Prevent definitive data loss

We take care of our beloved ones, our belongings, our health, and so on. We should take care of our data too. We have to face it we could accidentally delete an important file, or our hard drive could crash unexpectedly. But having a regular cloud-based backup would keep data loss to a minimum. This backup solution would allow us to retrieve the deleted or crashed files very easily. Also in the unfortunate event of having a computer/laptop stolen, we can get all the files of that device back by having a cloud-based backup.

We really need a plan B

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” – says Murphy’s law. We are sure many of us had at least one situation in our lives, which made us say that it happened because of the good, old Murphy. For example, think about it when all of our original back-ups end up with data damage. It can be very annoying, can’t it?
How could we avoid a situation like this? Have a plan B, have a cloud backup storage! This additional backup solution can make our life easy because if anything could happen to our original back-ups, we still have a place where all of our data are safe.

Avoid the pain caused by overwriting

“There is already a file with the same name in the destination folder. Would you like to replace the existing file??” No man on Earth who would not have met this sentence whilst using a computer/laptop. Also, we can imagine a situation when somebody accidentally deletes something or everything from a document and then saves it. After overwriting a file, without a backup, it’s almost impossible to get back the missing one. With an automatic, cloud-based backup, we can restore that file easily.

Live with a peace of mind

Being hit with a ransomware attack will cause all our files to be encrypted, and we had to pay the hacker to decrypt all of the files. It does not sound like a peaceful moment. Sitting in our office doing nothing because the company’s server shut down and we can not access our files sounds like a waste of time. But it’s easy to spare ourselves from these inconveniences. If we have a cloud-based backup, all we have to do after a ransomware or virus attack is fully wipe our machine and restore our files. Also, in case of a server shutdown, we don’t have to wait for the restart because we can access all of our backed up files.

Buy a new device without a doubt

Buying a new computer or laptop always makes us excited. We choose the most suitable one, go home, switch on the device and… This is where the complicated part could start. We have our new toy, but we have all of our files stored on our old computer/laptop. Let’s travel back in time and start a cloud backup. Now travel back to the future and start to download all of our pictures, videos, music, documents and settings.