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Pricing for Backup Of On Device Data

for Backup Intelligence Client for Windows, macOS, Linux and Synology

Pricing for the backup of on device data to the cloud is charged on the first day of each month by Debit or Credit Card for each device and includes the Backup Intelligence software.


Per endpoint / per month

  • File and Folder Backup of Local Drives
  • 250GB Cloud Storage
  • 90 Day Version Retention
  • No Bandwidth or Restore Fees


Per server / per month

  • File and Folder Backup of Local and Network Drives
  • Full Disk Image with USB Boot
  • 1TB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Versions


Per TB / per month

Each device comes with a block of cloud storage.

If you require additional cloud storage the cost is £9.99 per month per TB block for each cloud backup destination.